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About Us

IMI Production Studios was founded by Dwight Brady in March of 1998.  Dwight had a vision to start a production company that could produce faith-base projects, as well as mainstream projects, in a new and creative way.  Over the last two decades, IMI has continued to grow and evolve.  Today IMI is an accomplished production / FX company that specializes in industry standard video productions and visual effects.  Our goal is to create products that abide by the professional standards set by Hollywood, but deliver a message rooted in truth and integrity.

The People of IMI

Dwight is the founder and president of IMI Production Studios.  He is an accomplished writer, director, producer & visual effects artist with over 25 years of hands-on experience.  From a young age, Dwight has had a love for the film industry.  This “hobby” eventually developed into an exciting profession as he began experimenting with visual effects & writing his own screenplays. 


He wrote & directed his first major production in 1998.  Later in 2003, Dwight wrote, directed & produced his definitive sci-fi short entitled, “The Ministers”.  Today Dwight works as a director, writer & visual effects artist doing what he loves. 

Dwight has directed, written and co-created over 7 short films, 4 web-tv shows (including 2 talk shows, a cooking show, and a sci-fi web series), and 1 feature film.  Dwight has worked for such companies as Turner Studios and Realife360 and is a recognized director & producer on  Some of his other credits include director-of-photography, editor and creative consultant.

Dwight Brady

President & CEO

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